Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Online Shopping for Those With a Limited Attention Span

My brain is clearly fried from the internets and my cellular device, etc, because at times I bounce from window to window, thinking, "What was I going to look for? Oh trail running shoes, but then also a new smoke detector, oh and they just said on Marketplace there's a pumpkin shortage, so pumpkin too, cases of canned pumpkin..." And then I get distracted on the (evil)Amazon page for pumpkin by one marketed to pets called (ahem) "Nummy Tum Tum," and adjacent to that, this adorable can of cat food:

Doesn't this look like it was illustrated by a 1970s children's book illustrator?

Cutest. Cat food can. Ever. And then I forget why I had all those windows open, and I wander off.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Silent Church

The weather's turned sharp and bright, suddenly all October. We're remembering how to wear sweaters and jackets and socks, how to use a cup of coffee or tea as a good-smelling hand warmer, being reintroduced to dry skin and cold toes and diving into piles of blankets and dog fur at night. It's my favorite month, the month I dream about living in the country, by the ocean, among the trees. We walked through Wolf Neck State Park, and I imagined sleeping on the springy carpet of years of pine needles, resting my head on a mossy pillow, drifting off to the sound of the ocean.

I almost remember my dream from a few nights ago, but the parts I can conjure up include eating something (shrimplike)...? Something else that required the removal of dozens of tiny bones, skeleton-like, before it could be eaten. Shudder. It's probably good that I don't remember the rest.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Rabbit rabbit!

"What does the world
mean to you if you can’t trust it
to go on shining when you’re

not there?"

- from "October" by Mary Oliver

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Blog About Me

I was thinking about the Dr Seuss book My Book About Me, which my brothers and I had. Every kid should have this book, because who doesn't like filling out surveys about themselves (or is that just me)? You filled in blanks about how many windows there were in your house, how many pets you had, the longest trip you'd taken, etc.

I apparently edited all of my answers several times, erasing what I'd written and updating the information, which leaves the whole book looking like it was filled out by a terribly disturbed and/or indecisive child. For "When I grow up I want to be a (blank)," I first wrote something that's now illegible, changed it to "mother," then crossed that out and wrote "millionaire." Which makes me think I jinxed myself, that there was another reality in which I was actually a millionaire.*

So to continue with the "About Me" theme, I'd like to say that in my eternal, deadly dull quest to ease my stomach/digestive problems, I'm quitting sugar for a couple of weeks (meaning sweeteners, white flour, processed stuff, etc). I think of myself as a pretty healthy eater (with a healthy love of treats), but clearly I had become a total sugar junkie without noticing it--as of Day 3, I have a crushing continuous headache that even wakes me up from sound sleep. It's worse than kicking caffeine, which I've also done a time or two.

And yet, I persevere! With the help of this kale and quinoa salad, which sounds so so so healthy but is actually so delicious I could eat it all day long.

Mark and I watched Wayward Pines, which was great in a poor man's Twin Peaks/Lost kind of way, with the addition of the not-very-skilled acting of Matt Dillon and some truly horrifying zombie-ish creatures.

Our Girl returns to the US on Friday night! And then she leaves for Chicago on Sunday morning! But! First we get to spend all of Saturday hugging her!

*it goes without saying that I'd rather be a mother, but hey, why not both?