Monday, September 15, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Will you meet me in the air?

1 // I throw my head to the heavens and ask, "WHY IS 'SISTER GOLDEN HAIR' PERMANENTLY STUCK IN MY HEAD? WHY O WHY?"

2 // Usually things are much more simple than we think, but occasionally they are way more fucked up and convoluted and crazy than we'd let ourselves believe.

3 // I am reading that great big fat book everybody's reading! Donna Tartt...The Goldfinch, that's the one! I like it. It has sucked me in and I stay up too late nightly reading just one more chapter.

4 // The dog is not my child, the dog is my friend, my dog, my beloved companion. It's just that the protocol at the dog beach seems to be that we refer to each other (us humans, that is), as "Blackie's mom" and "Sparky's dad." Mark and I do not do that, even though Mark secretly wants to run away with Gus and live in a little cabin in the woods.

5 // So much TV, but SO? You wanna make something of it? Also, see: book-reading, above. Most days, I also complete many hours of billable work, and clean the basement for an hour or so, and sometimes I even vacuum & such. We have started The Good Wife, and finished season one of The Leftovers.

6 // Still with that salad. It's so good.

7 // I need to not listen to the news for a while.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Nest: September Second

The status of my nest on this Tuesday evening is: empty(ish). Look at this boy, he is at college. He is installed in his dorm room, with a roommate and a desk and a "shower caddy" and so on. This week at his school he will participate in a long, intensive process of interviewing all the professors whose classes he'd like to take (the professors interview him right back!). It sounds like he's leaning toward history/politics/economics. He is a homebody at heart, so this is a lot, for him and for us.

And now: to fill the dumpster, which still sits all crookedly sited in the driveway, hungry for junk.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Rabbit rabbit!

I am away from home on this first day of September, unfortunately traveling without my tiny plastic rabbit friend, so these fun-loving rabbity pals will have to do.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Moon, Nearly Super

I took Gus for a walk around the block just now, and it felt like a slightly twisted children's book about a neighborhood.

One neighbor was still smoking the sweet-smelling stuff, hours later.

Two neighbors pulled up in their driveway. The lady went stomping quickly into the house, while the man got slowly out of the car and really took his time walking into the house behind her.

One neighbor blew his nose behind a shade-drawn bathroom window. It was one of those fabulous, loud, horn-honking nose blows.

Inside another house, the two corgis barked their loud corgi barks, while the neighbor lady screamed at them to shut up.

The neighbor whose computer monitor light glows, blue, always, while the rest of his house is dark, sat behind his computer monitor in an upstairs window.

The moon gleamed and shone up above.

Additionally, when I came inside I became convinced that there was a biting bug on my neck and I tore off my shirt in the kitchen and made Mark inspect the top half of me for insects. There may have been a biting bug that made a subtle escape at some point, or it may have been my hair...